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I'm sure you didn't mean to visit this page. But if you read on, be warned ...

I'm a 34 years old computer scientist who studied at the University of Stuttgart. I finished my studies summer 2002 and from January 2003 till October 2005 I worked at University of Stuttgart. Afterwards I have -- together with former colleagues -- founded an own company Axivion which helps stopping Software Erosion.

As a computer scientist, it's somewhat unavoidable that amongst other interests there are computer related topics. You can have a look at software I have written a long time in the past (mostly for the operating system RISC OS) if you go to the software section.

Of course I have additional hobbies: I loved to ride my motorbike (a Suzuki TL1000S, which I've had for five years). Today I'm riding the successor of the TL1000S, the Suzuki SV1000S.

In the past, I liked swimming in the DLRG very much. But after having practised swimming for over 20 years I decided to change my form of sport and have chosen Traditional Kwon, Jae-Hwa Taekwon-Do now which I practise in the Taekwon-Do School Reutlingen.

My favourite musical instrument is the French Horn which I like to play in our Brass Band.

Stefan Bellon

In October 2002 I went on a three weeks' trip to Canada. Part of the trip was the participation in ICSM 2002 and a small talk about the results of my diploma thesis in a SCAM workshop. You can find the presentation in the Studies section and I've uploaded a diary of the trip to Canada so that you can have a look what I did there and where I went (it's in German though!).


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