Software - Configuration Files

All the files are packed into ZIP archives. You can unpack them with David Pilling's !SparkPlug (if you don't have !SparkFS itself).

I don't give any guarantee for usefulness and reliability. Downloading and using any of the applications is totally at your own risk.

If you do however have any comments, suggestions or found any bugs, don't hesitate to contact me by clicking on the email address in the page footer.

Remember though, all of the following programs have been written to suit my needs. So they may or may not be useful to you. ;-)


My configuration files/applications

Version: for Zap 1.44 TEST-4
Updated: 15-Jan-2001
32-bit ready: independent
Download: Binary (40K) / Signature
This is my configuration I use for Zap. I've put it mainly here, so that I can grab it from wherever I am and use the configuration I have at home. But of course, you may have a look at it as well.

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Stefan Bellon (), 19-Jan-2019